On B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. 4C, tokens were introduced to B.A.G.U.E.T.T.E. The following is a list of the tokens and what they do:

  • Win Token: Cuts the user's votes in half.
  • Immunity Token: Gives the user immunity.
  • Revenge Token: Transfers half of the user's votes to a player up for elimination.
  • First Token: Only the first vote in the voting period counts. This token overrides all vote changing tokens.
  • Multi Token: Gives the user the ability to use two other tokens other than Multi or Preserve Tokens.
  • Swap Token: Swaps the user's votes with a contestant of their choice.
  • Guess Token: The user guesses how many votes they got and the difference between their guess and their actual number of votes is the new number of votes.
  • Yoyle Token: Turns the user metal at elimination. This token does not do anything to help the user in the competition.
  • Theft Token: The user can take a token from a gelatin not up for elimination, but the user will still be up for elimination.
  • Acquire Token: The user receives every token used at elimination.
  • Cooperation Token: Should two or more gelatins use this at elimination, their vote total will become the lowest of the gelatins. In the rare instance of a tie, whoever had the most original votes is eliminated.
  • Preserve Token: The user can choose another token other than a Multi token to use at a later elimination.

Gelatins are allowed to transfer tokens with each other, and unless they use a PT or MT, they can only use one token at elimination.